Puppies; 2. D-Litter

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On January 2, 2015 my second D-litter was born in the veterinary clinic Hermann-Josef Junker in Hellenthal / Wollenberg (Germany).

I would like to thank the veterinary team of the Hermann-Josef Junker clinic for their excellent job!

With the day of birth of the puppies for my kennel an exciting time is coming up, because I hope with these four promising puppies it will be allowed for me to enrich my breeding in the future.

Please understand that the puppies are NOT for sale!

With just 8 weeks, the first vaccination was performed.

(Vet Annabel Fuß with Dragonfire after the first vaccination)

In the litter there are two males and two females. I would like to introduce them to you at the age of 9 weeks:

Pedigree D-Litter

Dumbledore of my sweet home

Dragonfire of my sweet home

Dance All Night Along - Dona of my sweet home

Daaé Phantom of the Opera of my sweet home

Dumbledore 15 weeks of age

Dragonfire 15 weeks of age

Dona 15 weeks of age

Daeé 15 weeks of age

Dumbledore at 18 weeks of age

Dragonfire at 18 weeks of age

Dona at 18 weeks of age

Daeé at 18 weeks of age

Video: Dumbledore (5 Month of age)

Video: Dragonfire (5 Month of age)

Video: Dona (5 Month of age)

Video: Daeé (5 Month of age)

Puppies; 2. C-Litter

out of Ch. Fort Merrill Hathaway * Born for Love of my sweet home

I invite all visitors to my website to get a glimpse of my puppies and their growth. I try to show how far I have succeeded with my breeding goals because, first and foremost, I breed my puppies so that the survival and breeding potential of my kennel is secure.

Before you decide to buy a puppy, you must make yourself thoroughly knowledgeable about the breed. Visit several dog shows and breeders. Ask a lot of questions. These will ensure that you are well enough informed about the breed to prevent a possible bad buy.

Are you aware that they are interested first and foremost in a puppy being loved and not in whether or not a puppy will be suitable as a show dog. Puppies need to grow and, after about one year at the earliest, they can say whether a dog is suitable for showing or not.

My principle was, and still is, to have just as many dogs as I can stroke and play with. For this reason I have pups, at the most, one to two times a year.

I really try to give my puppies to suitable owners. They should have gone to a lot of trouble to find out about the race and then be ready to provide responsibly for their new companion for a lifetime.

Serious puppy buyers should feel free to contact me without obligation in connection.

All my puppies get a VDH / FCI pedigree, are examined by a veterinarian, vaccinated, wormed and wear a microchip. The puppies are very carefully reared in the family so that they can cope with future problems in their environment. I can guarantee perfect rearing and nutrition! These are the most important things for a dog.