My Attitude as a breeder


For now 40 years I have been dealing with Basset Hounds and their breeding.

From the outset it was clear to me that I wanted to breed a compact, solid Basset Hound of medium strength, but without it seeming extreme in its proportions.

Excellent health, drive and a solid build are important points for me in the breed. A healthy anatomy of the dog is needed for good drive.

I am convinced that my Basset Hounds can fulfill their function as show dogs and as working dogs. They should be good hunting dogs. I have always remained faithful to this decision.

I do my best to breed healthy and well -adapted puppies, so that they will make their future owners happy and be content in their environment.

(Julia of my sweet home - 8 weeks of age)

I always take plenty of time with the genealogy of my dogs and try to look at as many pictorial representations as possible. To meet the specified requirements of the standards, knowledge of blood lines and genetics is important.

“Breeding is not justified by a mating of two dogs. Maybe you are pleased with the results of his first throw, but an honest breeder must know exactly for his future breeding plans, where do quality, fault and disqualifying errors come from. That is the reason why genetics is to include in the breeding.“
(Quote Dr. Ph. Claudia Orlandi)

The most important point concerning the breeding of Basset Hounds for me is that my puppies have to comply with the FCI standard.

(Puppy 4 1/2 months; Parents: Quo Vadis vom Jäger aus Kurpfalz x Heathrow's Chantilly)

Visiting a Dog Show

Dog shows are an opportunity to compare and to determine the extent to which the breeding potential of the entire breed is being developed in a positive and a negative sense. So I have been able to see my breeding ambitions realized and have been able to reconsider when necessary.

I like to spend a lot of free time with my dogs and I am satisfied, whether they are on the winning or losing side.

Of course, I'm really happy about a good result or even a victory. But I do not see a victory as an advertisement for me as having the best dog. It is quite simply a win at a certain level for the dog. For me it is an incentive, and confirms me in my way of rearing a healthy Basset Hound.