Top of muzzle nearly parallel with line from stop to occiput and not much longer than head from stop to occiput. There may be a small amount of wrinkle at brow and beside eyes. In any event skin of head supple enough as to wrinkle slightly when drawn forward or when head is lowered.

Standard My explanation of the standard

Again and again it is spoken of it, that the head of the Basset Hounds corresponds to the head of the Bloodhounds. This statement is completely false! True is, that the Basset Hound is bred from various breeds. The St Hubert Hound breed - Bloodhound today - is one of them.

The head of the Basset Hounds has to correspond solely to the requirements of the standard. He isn't equate to other breeds.

Too much loose skin: Wrinkles on the head always brings a open eye to the Basset Hound with it.

Top of the head


Domed with some stop and occipital bone prominent; of medium width at brow and tapering slightly to muzzle.


Moderately trained.

Heads that do not meet the standard

"Snipey Face"

"Deeper Stopp"