Herpes Virus

Unfortunatly in these days, two large litters died in Australia and Sweden, the first one the hole litter of 13 puppies, and the second one 7 puppies in a litter of 10. We can understand how depressed the two breeders can be! The Australian litter probably died for Herpes virus, but the Sweden litter had not this problem and the reason of deth is unknown.

I want to share my personal experience on this matter, because I think it can help. In several occasions I had puppies who lost weight, they were lethargic, had difficulty to suck from mom, did a tipical whining. I have saved the life to a lot of puppies with an homeopathic remedy I was told about from an American Basset Hound breeder many years ago. Here are the names of the homeopathic medicines, the way to prepare and give the remedy:

  • Calcarea Carbonica 30 ch
  • Aceticum AC 30 ch
  • Hepar Sulfur 30 ch
  • Kalium Muriaticum 30 ch

In 60 ml of pure water, melt 10 granules each type and give to the puppy 3/4 drops each hour for 8/12 hours during the 24 hours. When you see they are going better, give 2 drops two times per day for 2 weeks.Give also to the mother half tea spoon 2 times per day.