Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you report on your homepage about your puppies?

A litter of puppies is used primarily for the purpose of ensuring the future of the race. These are excellent, sound and healthy dogs of the specified standard and correspond to the FCI. Responsible breeders do not see their union as a business and this distinguishes them from those who do. Breeders who breed only with VDH/FCI Papers and who let their puppies entered in the VDH-studbook must ensure that the health of the dogs is the essential ingredient of breeding. A good breeder does not continuously deliver puppies, and if the puppies do not meet the required standard, they are excluded from breeding.

I do not want a Basset Hound for breeding or exhibition. I just want a Basset Hound as a companion. Why shouldn´t I buy a dog from anyone?

Puppies from unscrupulous people are only intended to make lots of money with little effort. They will not receive the necessary care they need and are not subject to the controlled breeding of a recognized stud book. These puppies are not bred for health and quality, so that in their development they can suffer from many health problems - in the organic and in the anatomical sense. During the development of these dogs it should be noted again that they are not close to the prescribed standard, nor does their appearance correspond to the true Basset Hound.

If you're looking for a puppy, then please make contact only with the leading clubs of the VDH (Association of the German Kennel Club). For the breed Basset Hound, please visit an appropriate website. On this you can see the addresses of breeders. Perhaps you want a dog from a shelter? Dogs from a shelter, just like all dogs, need care. They are just like dogs from reputable breeders prior to undergoing veterinary care. Necessary measures such as examinations, treatments and vaccinations must be carried out.

Is the Basset Hound breed a healthy breed?

You can expect the puppies from reputable breeders to be generally healthy. Because of their anatomy they should not be exposed to any great physical exertion. Stair climbing, jumping and taking long walks should be refrained from if possible. Also, the race - just like other races – can have genetic blood defects, or be susceptible to stomach turn. This can occur during eating or drinking by an excessive intake of air which then goes into the stomach. A stomach turn requires immediate treatment by a veterinarian, or the dog will die.

There are some genetic defects in bassets which one has to seriously consider. Primarily, these are

  • Glaucoma

    Buildup of pressure in the eye, which can lead to blindness or removal of the eye.

  • Willebrand disease

    The blood does not clot properly. It sets the animal at risk of bleeding to death.

  • Thrombopathia disease

    The Bassets (BHT). Another genetic defect because of which the blood does not clot properly

Disturbed thrombopathy prevents the correct response to activation signals when a blood vessel is ruptured. Good breeders work very hard to try and eliminate these defects in their breeding. However, knowledge about the parents of the puppy or a copy of its pedigree is not enough!

Is a Basset Hound easy to look after?

Yes, a Basset Hound is easy to clean. Its short hair is brushed regularly to remove loose hair.

Very important, too:

  • regular care and cleaning of the long hanging ears
  • dental care (removal of tartar)
  • and cutting the claws.

Claws that are too long affect the movement of the dog because the dog cannot roll on the ball of its paw, but its toe touches the floor spread out.

Is a Basset Hound fond of children?

Yes, it is very fond of children. Because it´s a pack dog, it loves its family. It is not aggressive or prone to biting, it is gentle and loyal.

What food does a Basset Hound need?

A Basset Hound should be fed with a balanced and high quality dog food, which should not consist of grain products, as it otherwise, in the long run, will suffer from metabolic disorders. It has been found that when dogs are overfed, skin problems arise and these can be eliminated with a special diet. If the dog is bathed too often, this can also cause skin problems.

I put a great emphasis on cleanliness in the house. Does a Basset Hound lose a lot of hair?

A Basset Hound does not lose more hair than other breeds. But a good vacuum cleaner will suck up the loose dog hair.

Can I walk with a Basset Hound off the leash?

No. In many regions it is forbidden to let dogs run off leash. You can train the Basset Hound for hunting in the open field to run in the group, but otherwise he should not move freely in an open area. A Basset Hound follows his disposition as a hunting dog by working with the nose and following the scent of the trail wherever it leads. Thus, there is the danger that you could lose sight of the dog and it could get lost.

Can a Basset Hound swim?

It is always advisable to keep a Basset Hound from unknown and unsupervised bodies of water because it is not a good swimmer.

How much exercise does a Basset Hound need?

A Basset Hound does not require constant motion. Puppies require special attention during their development and they should not be exposed to excessive demands.

These include, among other things, extensive running and jumping on hard surfaces.

But the biggest problem for adult basset hounds is often the owner, since they are usually given too little exercise. Two middle-length walks and play in the garden are required for their daily movement. Unfortunately, obesity leads to major health problems and shortens life. It is very advisable to provide sufficient exercise.

Are there any recommended books about Basset Hounds?

There are some in German, but I would recommend the book in English by Margaret Walton, "The New Basset Hound", which writes in detail about the race - and that of a pioneer in the Basset Hound breed.

You will also find books by such long-standing and experienced breeders as

  • Joan Urban („The Basset Hounds“)
  • Georg J Johnston („The Basset Hound“) und
  • Marianne Nixon („The Basset Hound“)

in which is also written extensively about the race.

Those of you who want to learn in depth about the race, look at the homepage of the Basset Hound Club of America.

Here you will find the "Basset Hound University" with extensive educational programs.