Fort Merrill Jennifer Lopaws

J-Lo is a fine bitch. She is characterized by

  • a beautiful head
  • correctly inserted dark eye
  • a good scissor bite
  • a long, harmoniously-arched neck
  • good top and bottom line
  • a deep, long and very well-rounded ribcage
  • a well-rounded chest and an excellent sternum
  • an excellent, tight-fitting shoulder position
  • a nice front with cat paws
  • a good, fluid movement

Because of her good anatomy and excellent gene pool, I would not want to lose this dog in my breeding program.

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J-Lo's litter brother

(in Japan; Am. Jap. CH. Fort Merrill Riff Raff)

Pedigree J-Lo


Lejonlands Musical of my sweet home

Jenny is an anatomically correct bitch with

  • a nice head
  • correctly inserted eye
  • good lip length
  • scissor bite
  • elegant neckline
  • well-rounded neckline with the correct length
  • good top and bottom line
  • an excellent, long, deep and well-rounded ribcage
  • good shoulder position
  • good angulations

The front is a relatively straight-ahead position. Her movement is smooth and balanced.

Pedigree Jenny