General Appearance

Short legged hound of considerable substance, well balanced, full of quality. A certain amount of loose skin is desired.

Standard My explanation of the standard

A plea for function and beauty of Grand Champion Strathalbyn Shoot To Kill

Contrary to the existing opinion, that show dogs are impossible hunters, conversely pure working dogs would probably be insufficient show dogs, proved Shoot To Kill, that both are compatible with each other, if not inextricably linked, since both aspects of the nature of our race are.

A brief portrait:

  • 136 Best of Breed in 34 states
  • 18 Best in Show
  • 50 group placements
  • 1978 – after only four months in the ring already number two in America
  • 1979 - the absolute number one in America.

Characteristic of him ist the massive, compact body with powerful trained muscles as like a dog who was moved every day for a long time, that makes him still look elegant. His very long ears, straight legs, the topline and his full breast makes Shoot To Kill to an outstanding Basset Hound, as there is for us to find a few. This is due to the ruling in our opinion above. The result are often thick massive, yet spongy dogs whose substance (solid in pounds) often lacks the term of quality. Quality not only means aesthetics in the form, but also in fulfill the function, the purpose. Shoot To Kill belongs to a generation of Basset Hounds, whose natural hunting instincts are maintained and cultivated, by doing to their work and also their pleasure in the field twice a week from October to March.

This anomaly of Basset Hound shows us the way of "podium dog" towards an active, physically fully developed, versatile working dog.

Pedigree Shoot-To-Kill