Breeding is a philosophical interpretation of the prescribed standards of each breed. In this connection a high degree of responsibility to the ethics and genetics has to be included.

Breeding is also equivalent to building a house.

A scaffold will be created and a frame will builded piece by piece. During the creation or latest by the completion of the building, it is found that improvements or even changes have to be made.

Just as in real life, there is nothing perfect, and thus there is no perfect dog. No matter whatever you choose, whether you prefer a serious or not so serious basset hound for your breed, in every case the highest condition is always to breed the dog in such a way that its function is ensured COMPLETELY FULL.

One thing is certain, FATS, SPONGY and dogs, which are EXTREMLY pronounced in their characteristics, embody no Basset Hound or an other breed of dogs. They restrict not only puppies and young dogs in their development, but also the health, quality and performance are strongly affected.

With your help, you can contribute to the future of Basset Hounds to find him a suitable recognition. You can gain a positive image of the breed to many negative critics and therefore the opinion as well as their attitude towards the race will change for the better. At exhibitions and in the hunt will be the race to give back much more important. The race will thank you.

Thanks to my dear cousin Arnd, for the design of this Homepage. My thoughts to breeding were completed through his work.